What is dell1600n-net-scan?

dell1600n-net-scan is an open source driver for network scanning using a Dell 1600n Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier. Experimental support is also provided for the Dell 1815dn, Ricoh FX200, Xerox Phaser 6110 and Samsung CLX-2160N, CLX-3160N and SCX-4720FN.

It is implemented as a perl script. This means that it should be cross-platform. It has been used under various operating systems: Linux (Debian, Red Hat and Fedora Core), FreeBSD, Windows (NT4 and XP with cygwin), Irix 5.3 and Mac OS X (10.4.5 and Lion/10.7.2), and on various platforms: Intel, R4600 MIPS, AMD 64 and Powerbook G4. Please let me know if you run it on another OS or architecture.


Dell 1815dn

I have added support for the Dell 1815dn model, however I do not have one of these scanners and therefore have not been able to test this a great deal. All feedback would be much appreciated.

Note that Dell themselves provide a proprietory SANE backend for linux which can be found at

Ricoh FX200

A tweak to support this model was kindly provided by Dani Gutiérrez. As I do not have one of these scanners testing has been limited.

Xerox Phaser 6110

Philip Roche kindly provided the patch to support this MFP. I don't have one of these scanners either!

Samsung CLX-2160N and CLX-3160N

Patch kindly provided by Laurent Ernes.

Samsung SCX-4720FN

Thanks to Christophe Danker for discovering the required tweaks.



dell1600n-net-scan no longer depends on any non-standard perl modules


in order to work out of the box you'll need "convert" (for PDF conversion) and "mutt" (for email) installed. If are you missing either of these but have some equivalent then have a look around the global variables near the start of the script (eg: %main::emailCmd and %main::pdfConvertCmd). Hopefully all will become clear.


dell1600n-net-scan can be downloaded here. You might like to remove the superfluous .txt suffix (although the perl interpreter won't mind one way or the other).


Download the script to a convenient location. Run with no arguments for usage like:
jon@jon:~$ ~/code/dell1600n-net-scan/
Usage: /home/jon/code/dell1600n-net-scan/ <options>

Main Options:
--help            : Show this help
--find            : Discover Dell 1600n/1815dn using network broadcast
--listen <p>      : Register and listen for requests from Dell 1600n/1815dn <p>

Sub Options:
--1600n           : Use Dell 1600n-compatible protocol
--1815dn          : Use Dell 1815dn-compatible protocol
--fx200           : Use Ricoh FX200-compatible protocol
--6110mfp         : Use Xerox Phaser 6110MFP-compatible protocol
--clx2160n        : Use Samsung CLX-2160N-compatible protocol
--scx4720fn       : Use Samsung SCX-4720FN-compatible protocol
--scan-dir <d>    : Scanned images will be scanned to this directory
--scan-prefix <p> : Scan filenames will be prefixed with <p>
--debug           : Print lots of debug output
--email <a>       : Email files to address <a> (requires $main::emailCmd to be set)
--name <n>        : Override client name (appears in scanner display)
--single-session  : Exit after first scan session
--multi-session   : Listen for scan documents until killed
--force-pdf       : Convert all scans to PDF (requires $main::pdfConvertCmd to be set)
--bind <i>        : Bind to local IP address <i>
--broadcast <i>   : Broadcast address (default: used by --find.

Dell 1600n-specific Options:
--format <f>      : Preferred scan format (tiff, pdf or jpeg)
--resolution <dpi>: Preferred resolution (100/200/300 for tiff/pdf, 200 for jpeg) 

Dell 1815dn-specific Options:
--instance-id <id>: Unique instance id (in case of uid clash)

Other Options:
--option <o>      : Select option <o>.  The following are available:

  gimp = Open scanned files with the GIMP
  multipage-tiff = Create multipage tiff document
  pdf = Convert all scans to PDF format
  tgz = Write scanned files to a tgz archive

dell1600n-net-scan version 1.14 ($Id:,v 1.64 2010-09-19 16:19:33 jon Exp $)

This software is open source.  Feel free to copy and distribute as
you like.  If you use it as the basis of other software then it would
be polite to credit me.  If this software is useful to you then feel
free to send a nice postcard from wherever you are to 
Jon Chambers, 30 Stephenson Rd, London W7 1NW, UK.

This program is provided in the hope that it will be useful.  It comes
with no warranty.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Jon Chambers (, 2007-11-17

Quick Start

Assuming that your Dell 1600n's network address is myprinter then typical usage would be:
  • Start driver script like: --listen myprinter
  • Walk to the printer and start a scan by pressing "Start Scan" button and following the instructions.
  • Scanned images are written to the current directory unless the --scan-dir option is used to specify otherwise.


    This program is provided in the hope that it will be useful. It comes with no warranty. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.