The Voices

Onstage at the Bull and Gate


  • Here are the latest MP3s: Spiral Staircase and MnS (2002-06-17)
  • Rumours persist of a forthcoming tour to refresh those parts of the country that other bands cannot reach. Watch this space... (2002-06-16)
  • The Voices have a new official website at Check it out. (2002-04-07)
  • The all-new Voices MP3s are here for your listening pleasure! Soulless and No Newz is Good Newz. Nice. (2002-03-10)
  • Hey, where's mookherjee?! As the Post Office is now Consignia (well, for now anyway), and BT Cellnet is now mmO2, so the artists formerly known as mookherjee are now The Voices. So don't forget: The Voices told you to do it! (2002-02-25)
  • Check out the Flash video of Soulless (courtesy of Oomf!). Hint: If your connection is not fast enough for the video to play smoothly, let it play through once, then right-click and select 'Rewind' then 'Play' (2001-03-04)

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Tuesday, 17 September 2002 Bar Med,
Deansgate, Manchester
Who said the Manchester scene was dead? Nr Tube: Cockfosters? High Barnet? Not very useful either way... Bring your hooded top.
Thursday, 17th October 2002 @ 8.30pm Bull & Gate
389 Kentish Town Road, NW5
£4 with a flyer, £4.50 without. Nr Tube: Kentish Town
A list of previous gigs can be found here

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